ACH vs. Wire Transfers: What Is The Difference?20211111211325

ACH vs. Wire Transfers: What Is The Difference?

Caitlin RuttenNovember 11, 2021Blog0 comments
Non-cash transactions are continuing to grow at a steady pace. In 2016, the total value of global non-cash payments jumped by more than 10 percent, ex...
Teaming Up with The Fund20210914170357

Teaming Up with The Fund

Jason DoshiSeptember 14, 2021Press0 comments
When we started this journey to create a more secure real estate transaction by eliminating paper checks and reducing wire fraud, it was easy to envis...
9 Reasons You Should Be Using paymints.io20210819195744

9 Reasons You Should Be Using

Caitlin RuttenAugust 19, 2021Blog0 comments
For years, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and wire transfers have held their place as the traditional methods for paying earnest money deposits an...
What Are Vendor Disbursements?20210406164007

What Are Vendor Disbursements?

Caitlin RuttenApril 6, 2021Blog0 comments
Vendor disbursements are a type of payment made to third parties to cover the cost of services. In the real estate industry, vendor disbursements are ...
Is Bitcoin the Future of Digital Payments?20210401172124

Is Bitcoin the Future of Digital Payments?

Caitlin RuttenApril 1, 2021Blog0 comments
No matter what industry you’re in, you likely rely on the internet now more than ever before. Even businesses that were slow to embrace technology hav...
How to Report Real Estate Fraud20210401170323

How to Report Real Estate Fraud

Christina ChanApril 1, 2021Blog0 comments
Real estate fraud comes in many forms, from Financial Institution Fraud (FIF) to Mortgage Fraud (a subset of FIF) and real estate scams themselves, pe...