Our Story

If anyone knows the pain caused by chasing paper checks, it’s us! As operators of a title insurance agency, we’ve been dealing with issues like bounced checks, incorrect wiring instructions or delayed closings because a client is waiting in line at the bank for a certified check, for over a decade!

While growing our title agency from a small regional company into a national presence, we saw new technologies emerge to help with the loan origination, loan processing, push-button client notifications, but the last piece of the puzzle – the cash to close – was still not digital and very manual.

We’ve built paymints.io to help eliminate the inefficiencies of chasing paper checks and the stress caused by wire fraud. Our proprietary ACH solution helps prospective home buyers deposit their earnest money, directly from their checking account, when making an offer on a home. It also helps clients who are refinancing, transfer the funds needed for their cash to close to the title company’s escrow account. Paymints.io is the quick, digital, secure, and simple way to send money during any real estate transaction.

As more clients began to use our platform and started gaining interest from real estate agents and other title companies we soon realized our homegrown solution could help an entire industry and decided to share it with the world!

About Us

As a team of experts in Technology, Real Estate, Lending, and Title Insurance, we are obsessed with finding a better way to complete the friction-filled real estate transaction. Paymints.io is a white-labeled, digital platform allowing title companies and real estate brokerages to accept digital money transfers saving everyone money and time!

Meet Our Team

These are the masterminds behind paymints.io.

Reno Heine20200805204849
Amit Doshi20200805205608

Amit Doshi

Vice President
Jason Doshi20200805205718

Jason Doshi

Business Dev. Manager
Samir Dedhia20200812171713

Samir Dedhia

Christina Chan20200812172100

Christina Chan

Marketing Coordinator
Caitlin Rutten20200812173356

Caitlin Rutten

Marketing Coordinator
Dan Morse20200812173514

Dan Morse

Technical Lead


The FinTech and payments industry is ever changing with technology enhancements and compliance challenges. At paymints.io we are laser focused on using technology to improve the home-buying experience and overall real estate transaction process.

If you are interested in learning more about what we do and our roadmap to help digitize the transfer of funds in the real estate industry, we’d love to hear from you.