Here are some commonly asked questions. If you’d like to learn more, we’re happy to help! You can always email us at info@paymints.io

Account Questions

My bank isn't available on your platform, what should I do?

Our platform supports more than 12,000 banks across the nation. If you don’t see your bank, please email info@paymints.io and we will work on adding your bank or find an alternative solution to remit funds.

Can I add more than one account for a transfer?

Users have the ability to add more than one account in the same bank or another account at a different bank. Simply click on “Add Bank Account”.

How do I remove an account and replace it with a different account?

Go to the “My Accounts” tab and click on disconnect. You can then add the correct bank under” Add Bank Account”.

I want to remove my bank account so it's no longer visible on the platform, is this possible?

Yes, go to the “My Accounts” tab and click “Disconnect”.

Why doesn’t my checking account have the updated balance?

Bank balances are updated every 5 minutes. Please refresh your screen or logout & log back in to see the updated balance.

Can I use my spouse's account for the transfer even though I'm not the owner of the account?

Any user trying to remit funds must have legal authority to access the bank account they are looking to connect with.

What type of checking account should I use to make my earnest money payment?

Any account not linked to a money market account that has “liquid” funds can be used.

Why am I having trouble linking my Money Market Savings account?

Bank accounts cannot be linked to a money market account. Funds must be “liquid” in order for an ACH transfer to be completed.

Logistics & Platform Questions

Can I schedule a demo?

Of course! Please email info@paymints.io to schedule a demo.

Who can sign up for paymints.io?

Real estate brokerages, title agencies, appraisal management companies and any company that needs to accept large dollar amount payments.

How can we sign up for paymints.io?

Any user trying to remit funds must have legal authority to access the bank account they are looking to connect with.

How much do I pay to use paymints.io?

Any user trying to remit funds must have legal authority to access the bank account they are looking to connect with.

Does paymints.io send wire transfers?

No, we utilize the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to transfer money.

What are the transfer limits and how long does it take to receive money?

We are currently capped at $150,000 per transfer, but the user can make unlimited transfers of $150,000. Funds will be received within 48 business hours.

What receipts do I receive?

You have the ability to download a summary of the transaction located in the dashboard.

Does paymints.io store the user's banking information?

No, paymints.io does not see or store banking information. 

Plaid is owned by Visa and is used by companies like Venmo, Coinbase and Fannie Mae. You can find more information about Plaid here.

What does this mean: ID Upload error message - Size, Clarity, Darkness Issues

You’ll need to upload a clear, legible government issued ID under 10MB.

How does paymints.io protect against fraud?

Paymints.io uses third parties (Plaid/Dwolla) to verify users’ identities using several data points & matching key data points to ensure the user is validated before transferring funds.  We require users to identify themselves with multiple pieces of personal information as well as require users to login to their online bank accounts with their bank credentials. Paymints.io does not store any passwords. Paymints.io utilizes secure tokens and communications for all data transfers ensuring data in flight cannot be compromised. Paymints.io logs all IP addresses for transactions to review any anomalies.

Does paymints.io cover international transfers?

We currently only process domestic ACH transfers.

I received a 1099k form from Dwolla. What does this mean?

Since the IRS and states are targeting voluntary compliance on income reporting, Dwolla is required to report on gross payments received by users to the applicable agencies. Both the federal and state Form 1099-Ks are information returns and the gross payments reported on a Form 1099-K do not necessarily represent reportable income. The form should be used in conjunction with other tax records (bank statements, invoices, etc.) to determine taxable income.
Here is a great informational resource that covers the 1099-K federal and state thresholds. https://www.dwolla.com/form-1099-k/

My Own Branding

What does white-label mean?

You can use our platform to securely transfer funds but it will have your branding and colors to give the client the appearance that the platform is your own product.

What will be the URL for the website?

The URL can be customized with your own brand or company name followed by “.paymints.io

Will you be using my colors and logo?

Yes! That is the benefit of a white label application. The entire platform will have your brand and colors giving your client that the platform is your very own technology solution!

Where will my logo appear?

You will see your logo and colors across the entire platform as well as on email communication sent from the platform to your client.

Getting Set Up on the Platform

How long does the onboarding process take?

The entire onboarding process can be completed in as little as a few business days. Because we are moving money and setting up escrow accounts, your company does need to go through a third party validation approval process for compliance purposes.

What information is needed?

When setting up a paymints.io account, we would need basic information such as legal name, address, phone, and email but because we are moving money and setting up escrow accounts, we also need basic personal information for all control persons with more than 25% ownership in your company.

What documents are required?

As part of the third party validation approval process, setting up an account with paymints.io requires two important documents:

1. The IRS From SS-4 as proof of your Federal EIN
2. Driver’s license or other government-issued ID for all control persons who owns more than 25% of your company

Do we need to set up any additional bank accounts?

Due to security and compliance restrictions with escrow accounts, you will need to set up a separate holding account that will receive the incoming transfers.

You can then link the holding account with your escrow account.

Still have questions?

Send us a message & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.