How to Create More Trust in Your Title Company

Your title company will form relationships with a multitude of real estate professionals, as well as buyers, sellers, and closing attorneys. Quite often, you will also be required to work with various community associations too. And while the immense amount of services you provide for these individuals, organizations, and businesses aren’t always completely recognized, it is still critically important to ensure that your relationship is built on trust. Only by creating an atmosphere of trust and a reputation for reliability, security, and professionalism will you be able to grow your company and remain in good standing with your clients.

To that end, there are several things you can do that will serve to create more trust with your title company. Some of the following tips will achieve this goal in a rather roundabout manner, while others are more direct. Consider each and put them into practice, and your customers and clients will know that they can rely on your title company to keep their transactions safe.

Understand the Needs of Your Clients

It’s a fundamental cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. To best serve your clients and ensure future business growth, you must know and understand how to fulfill the needs of your clients. Your title company must market itself in a manner that presents it as the best possible option for safe and secure closing.

To do this successfully, you must identify your clients and learn how to solve their pain points. You must know their goals, what services they require from you, and how best to help them achieve those goals.

Of course, as a title company, you’ll be performing specific services. And these services require a substantial amount of safeguards to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. Real estate fraud is rampant, and title companies are a frequent target of hackers, identity thieves, and cybercriminals.

By focusing a portion of your marketing on instilling peace of mind in your clients, you can better present your title company as an organization that promotes a feeling of safety and takes privacy concerns seriously.

Make Security Part of Your Strategy

While fees and services are an important consideration when customers and clients are choosing a title company, security is also equally important. Your customers will want to know that if they choose your title company, they will be receiving the proper protection.

When promoting your services, be sure to discuss what steps you take to ensure proper security and protection. Letting your customers and clients know that you practice the recommended cybersecurity protocols further helps to instill trust. This can be a big factor if customers are on the fence when making a decision about your title company and another.

Consider providing the answers to the following questions on your website and when speaking to prospective clients and customers.

  • How will you actively protect a client’s money?
  • How will you protect against identity theft and wire fraud?
  • What is your process throughout the real estate transaction?
  • What measures are you taking to protect clients from Covid-19?
  • Do you offer cyber insurance?

By providing the answers to the above questions, you could secure your position as a prime contender for business by creating a strong atmosphere of trust and security.

Work With Partners that Also Take Security Seriously

As much as you might focus on improving security and ensuring sensitive data is kept safe, your partners might not. And if they slip up and fall victim to a cybercriminal, then the potential for real estate fraud is high, even when you’ve done everything right.

That’s why it’s important to work with partners that also understand the importance of security and protection for client data. Collaborating with partners of a like mind will also enable you to better serve your clients, leading to referrals and recommendations.

Ask for Ratings and Reviews

Encourage your customers and clients to rate their experience with your title company. Consumers today value reviews and ratings extremely high and often make their decision based on the ratings they find. Real estate professionals will do the same when comparing title companies and others they recommend to their clients, so it’s important to acquire a stellar rating. Good reviews and word of mouth will go a long way toward growing your business, as well as improve your search engine rankings.

Keep up to date with the Latest Industry Standards

Standards and regulations can change from year to year. Make sure that all employees working for your title company are aware of any new changes to the standards and regulations. Having this information available on your website lets clients see that you are current, responsible, and professional.

Use Up-To-Date Technology

Older technology and applications can contain security flaws that hackers and cybercriminals can attempt to take advantage of. Stay up-to-date with technology by upgrading systems when necessary, and always update applications to the newest versions, which often contain security patches.

Additionally, you can use an electronic money transfer system to collect earnest money payments, closing costs, and other fees associated with a real estate transaction. An ACH transfer system, such as, is much safer to use than a wire transfer, which is highly prone to wire transfer fraud.

That’s because ACH transfers move through a clearinghouse that administers much more scrutiny and security, making it much harder for unscrupulous individuals and identity thieves to commit wire transfer fraud. And because was designed with the aid of real estate professionals for the real estate industry, it was built with a multitude of security features that further minimize the risk of fraud and helps to grant your clients peace of mind.

To build more trust with your title company, consider utilizing It’s a fully electronic, secure, and compliant money transfer platform that eliminates the need for borrowers, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents to write paper checks. Not only is this a safer way for all parties to conduct business, but it also saves both time and money, enabling you to better serve your customers.

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