Why Use a Bi-directional Real Estate Transaction Platform?

As real estate transactions increasingly go digital, utilizing a payment platform can give you a leg-up. However, a bi-directional payment platform is an ideal solution that makes things faster and more straightforward, even in unexpected circumstances. Let’s explore how a bi-directional real estate transaction platform works and why it’s better for real estate transactions.

What is a Bi-Directional Payment Platform?

You could use two types of real estate transaction platforms: Uni-directional and bi-directional. The former option allows title companies to collect payments, but it doesn’t make refunds easy, nor does it facilitate payments that title companies need to make to third parties (i.e., lawyers, municipalities, or any other vendors they work with for closings).

On the other hand, a bi-directional payment platform allows money to flow in and out of your system so you can stay on top of all your obligations. For instance, you can not only accept payments from buyers but also refund them if a deal falls through.

Likewise, a bi-directional payment platform allows you to easily disburse vendor payments to third parties, such as sending money to cover closing costs for a mortgage deal about to be completed.

Benefits of a Bi-Directional Real Estate Transaction Platform

A bi-directional real estate transaction platform makes managing payments easier by allowing you to pay anyone in the real estate transaction with ease and speed. Let’s dive into the benefits to help you fully appreciate the power such a solution could unlock for your business.

Faster, Easier Payments

With a bi-directional real estate transaction platform like paymints.io, you don’t have to worry about paper checks or expensive wires for any part of the process.

Using a seamless, modern, and secure interface to handle all your payments means saying goodbye to old invoices, chasing down vendor payment information, and answering phone calls about routing numbers or due dates.

Now, your escrow holders and settlement agents can almost instantly disburse funds directly to clients and vendors. That saves everyone time because there’s no waiting for checks to be mailed or deposited and no need to exchange sensitive account information to wire money.

Effortlessly Handle Refunds

One thing that most real estate transaction platforms don’t allow you to do is easily refund a client when a deal falls through.

It’s a disheartening process for everyone involved when a client backs out of a purchase or is unable to buy a property for reasons beyond their control.  The wrong real estate transaction platform can add insult to injury by making it difficult for them to get their money back.

With paymints.io, you can effortlessly issue refunds when a client is entitled to one. If someone has made their earnest money deposit (EMD) within your system, reversal is as easy as clicking a button. As a result, they can get back to the house hunt that much faster and they’ll love working with you that much more.

Simplify Transactions

If there’s one thing most people associate with real estate transactions, it’s stacks of paperwork and time-consuming processes. However, with modern real estate transaction platforms like paymints.io, the experience is quickly being upgraded to one that’s straightforward and stress-free.

With the help of paymints.io, you can get one step closer to creating a truly seamless, simple experience for your clients and your team members. For instance, your team can automatically generate escrow agreements to speed things along, and you can handle ID verification, receipts, and reconciliation with just a few clicks.

All these benefits save your team time, allowing them to focus on your clients. Plus, the tools help create a better flow for your users, moving the process along and demonstrating that modern real estate transactions don’t have to cause headaches.

Build Your Brand

One thing that you absolutely cannot sacrifice when choosing a real estate transaction platform is white-label features. If your brand isn’t front-and-center throughout the payment process, you could lose trust with clients and vendors as they question whether or not the system is secure or legitimate.

With paymints.io, the payment process will help you silently build your brand and reinforce trustworthiness. Since paymints.io is a white-label platform, you can easily customize links and looks using your brand’s name, logos, color scheme, and more. That way, the payment process will seamlessly fit into the customer journey.

Grow More Confident About Security

If you’re still dealing with bank wires or paper checks, it’s easy for everyone involved to get frustrated over the slowness of these antiquated methods, but it also raises concerns over security given how much fraud happens in the real estate industry today.

Paper checks can be lost, forged, and damaged, raising a myriad of concerns and problems. Meanwhile, bank wires require account holders to expose their routing and account numbers and, if those numbers are stored improperly or handled by the wrong person, that could lead to major financial loss.

For all these reasons, choosing a secure real estate transaction platform should be a top concern. At paymints.io, all sensitive information is encrypted using the same bank-level security employed by the country’s largest financial institutions. Additionally, paymints.io complies with all industry regulations and provides real-time tracking, providing ultimate peace of mind over where funds are at all times.

Try a Modern Real Estate Transaction Platform for Yourself

As a bi-directional payment solution, paymints.io offers simplicity, visibility, and security at every step of the payments process — all while helping your team get more done. So, the question is: What do you stand to gain the most by adopting a modern solution like paymints.io?

Instead of waiting and wondering, you can see for yourself the difference our software can make for your business. Schedule a Demo today and get a personal introduction to our proven solution.